From bestselling author Melissa Ambrosini and Nick Broadhurst…


Reclaim your time,

Reclaim your life.



(VALUED AT $144)

From bestselling author Melissa Ambrosini and Nick Broadhurst…


Reclaim your time, 
Reclaim your life.



(VALUED AT $144)



Feel like you don’t have enough time? 

Killing yourself trying to ‘do it all’ without much to show for it?

Forget about time management, you need ‘Time Magic’.

In this revolutionary book, you’ll learn how to create the spacious, fulfilling life you’ve always imagined, but that until now has felt out of reach.

Join bestselling author Melissa Ambrosini and Nick Broadhurst as they unpack the simple, actionable strategies that can completely transform your relationship with time. 

You’ll learn:

  • The tiny changes in behaviour that can free up hours, weeks, even years of your life
  • Simple but genius techniques to increase your productivity and skyrocket your creativity
  • The health, wealth and mindset hacks to help you squeeze more juice out of life
  • What to do with your newfound time off (even if you have no idea what lights you up)
  • And the surprising daily habits that can add years to your life and life to your years

If you’re tired of feeling time-poor and stressed out, and you want to create a life that feels spacious, meaningful and rewarding, this book will point the way.

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How Successful People Start Their Day

(Valued at $97)

In this exclusive audio masterclass you will learn the most successful morning routines from the best in the world. 

Hear deeply personal insights from: 

  • Entrepreneurs
  • Athletes
  • Bestselling Authors
  • Celebrities
  • Doctors and
  • World class experts

Listen in as these experts share, in their own words, how they set themselves up for massive productivity each day, how they structure their routines, how they skyrocket their creativity, how they nourish themselves, how they avoid burnout, and the success habits they swear by.

Along the way, you’ll be guided to spot the key takeaways and not-so-obvious insights from these world class case studies, to help you design and implement your own winning routine.

Carrie Anne Moss
Dr Zach Bush
Dr Bruce Lipton
Erin Brokovich
Gabby Bernstein
Jack Canfield
Jenna Kutcher
Kayla Itsines
Lewis Howes
Marianne Williamson
Ryan Holiday
Rich Roll


The Time Magic Toolkit

(Valued at $47)

An in-depth guide to every single resource mentioned in the book to help you take action and create your spacious, meaningful life. 

  • Tools
  • Apps
  • Supplements
  • Biohacking Devices
  • Fitness Equipment, and more...

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“Truly transformative”

Gabby Bernstein - Multiple NYT Bestselling Author

“Melissa helps people build meaning and purposeful lives through her inspiring work and powerful energy” 

Jay Shetty - NYT Bestselling Author
and #1 Podcast Host

“Melissa is committed to making the world a better place”

Marie Forleo - NYT Bestselling Author
and Host of Marie TV


Melissa Ambrosini is the bestselling author of Mastering Your Mean Girl, Open Wide and Comparisonitis, the host of the top-rated podcast The Melissa Ambrosini Show, and entrepreneur. Named a ‘self-help guru’ by Elle magazine, her mission is to inspire others to unlock their full potential and create the business and life of their dreams.

Nick Broadhurst is a singer, songwriter, a former member of ARIA award-winning band Sneaky Sound System, visual artist, entrepreneur, father of two, and now author. The driving force behind all his work is the pure expression of creativity through music and the written word. Time Magic sees him teaming up for the first time with his wife, bestselling author Melissa Ambrosini.

To create the meaningful, spacious life you’ve always longed for (and to have the energy and vitality to do the things you’ve always dreamed of) you’ve got to flip everything you thought you knew about time and how to spend it on its head.

TIME MAGIC will show you how.